Film Review: Death Rattle LSD (2011)


SYNOPSIS: In the blackest corner of a mans mind reality is bent when Lawrence calls upon his friend Ron to help him make a snuff film. As this drug induced murder film begins Lawrence becomes trapped in a hell he can’t get out of. Can this killing be stopped before it’s to late? Or will Lawrence be damned for eternity? REVIEW: Atkins and team are at it again. This time, they break away from the … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell (2011)


SYNOPSIS: Most people have vanished from the plague…There are a few thousand that still walk the earth……Among them, two outlaws, Harry Russo and Terry Hawkins. Come face to face with one another in a clash that sets them on a road into destiny, to find the heart of America .The lines are drawn and the sands of time are running out fast. Will mankind be saved? We better hope so….Because Harry and Terry are having … Continue reading


Film Review: Mutilation Mile (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Inspired by true events that took place sometime in 1993, Jimmy & Jack DeGrasso, two brothers, went on a blood soaked killing spree of vengeance. Fueled by revenge & cocaine they slaughtered street thugs, hookers, addicts, and drug dealers to find the murderer of their uncle Sal. Gritty, controversial, violent, disturbing and graphic, “Mutilation Mile” is a throwback to the great exploitation/crime films of the 70’s, and promises to deliver the goods like never … Continue reading

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