Film Review: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla (2013)


SYNOPSIS: A black comedy/drama about a lonely ice-cream van driver, Warren Thompson, and his unhealthy obsession with television soap starlet, Katey George. REVIEW: Australia and New Zealand seem to be the hot spots for genre fare these days. With films like THE BABADOOK, WOLF CREEK 2, and HOUSEBOUND, this particular geographic location appears to be overflowing with talented filmmakers who are ready to scare your shorts off. One such director is Stuart Simpson, his two … Continue reading

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Film Review: El Monstro Del Mar! (2010)


SYNOPSIS: They were told to never go into the water. Now the sea will rise in a tide of blood. Three gorgeous but dangerous vixens take over a small beach side town. But there’s something very strange about this place. An ancient evil lurks in the great depths of the sea…and the girls have unwittingly pissed it off. Let the blood bath ensue….. REVIEW: “El Monstro Del Mar!”, The name itself sounds like something out … Continue reading

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Film Review: El Monstro del Mar (2010)


SYNOPSIS: In a small Australian coastal town, a trio of female hired killers are hiding away in a seaside shack. Shortly after they arrive the they run afoul a cranky old neighbor after taking a dip in the ocean. Shaking his fist, he urges them to stay out of the water warning of the dangers that lie in the deep igniting a feud between him and the girls until his granddaughter, Hannah, shows up to … Continue reading