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DVD Review: Kickin’ it Shaolin Style – 12 Movie Set

Rate This MovieKickin’ it Shaolin Style – 12 Movie Set Martial Arts imported straight from the 70,80s and 90s, you cant beat an after noon of wall to wall Shaolin style kung-fu bolting at you. Mill Creek Entertainment has made that experience affordable and ass-kicking with this 12 movie collection set. Shaolin style better known by its name of Wu-tang …

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The Films Of Bruce Lee

Not so much of a film star, more of a phenomenon, Bruce Lee (born Lee Jun-Fan 1940-1973) was the first great martial arts entertainer to successfully make the crossover from China to Hollywood. One of the most influential martial artists of all time, Lee is an icon of the 20th century, and helped change the way Asians were presented in …

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