Frightful Japan: The Torn-Mouth Woman (Kuchisake Onna)


You’re walking home at night on a deserted road when a woman in a surgical mask approaches. It’s not such a strange thing, as many people in Japan wear masks when they’re feeling under the weather or trying to prevent pollen-induced allergies. She stops. “Am I pretty?” she asks. She has long, shiny black hair and is wearing a beige coat cinched at the waist. “Yes,” you say. And that is when she removes her … Continue reading


Film Review: Carved: The Slit Mouthed Woman (2007)


(aka Kuchisake-onna) SYNOPSIS: Three decades ago, a Japanese suburb was terrorized by the vengeful spirit of a woman in a surgical mask who asked victims, “Am I pretty?” before slaughtering them. Now, children in this community are disappearing again, leaving police and teachers to discover the reason and put an end to the new wave of carnage. Eriko Sato, Haruhiko KatĂ´ and Miki Mizuno star in director KĂ´ji Shiraishi’s terrifying chiller. REVIEW: Every horror genre … Continue reading

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