Film Review: The Killer Snakes (1975)


SYNOPSIS: A young man who has been beaten, abused, humiliated and laughed at all his life finds that he has an unusual empathy with snakes. He can talk to them and they understand him, and eventually he finds that he can get them to do his bidding. He decides to use his newfound friends to take his revenge on everyone who ever did him wrong REVIEW: Here we have a bizarre little curio from Hong … Continue reading

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Film Review: Infra-Man (1975)


SYNOPSIS: Princess Dragon Mom and her mutant army have arisen, and only Inframan can stop them! REVIEW: Infra-Man debuted in 1975, though my recollection of this film stems sometime in the 80’s when it received a brief afternoon theatre run. I was all too exited to see this mix of martial arts and characters come to my local theatre, but now looking at it years later, I realize that “that” excitement was from a different … Continue reading

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