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Film Review: The Perfect House (2012)


SYNOPSIS: A young couple’s dream home turns into a house of horrors when the disturbing, violent acts of three generations of doomed families is reawakened for them to witness. REVIEW: As I pressed the play button on my laptop to watch The Perfect House, I literally had no idea whatsoever of what I was in store for – obviously, from ...

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Call Box (2014)

SYNOPSIS: A group of teens on a spring break road trip are terrorized by a ruthless killer when their car breaks down on an isolated twin span highway suspended over the Bayou

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From the Nightshift: Interview Kris Hulbert (Director) ‘The Perfect House’


Where did the idea of “The Perfect House” come from? The idea came from a short I wrote entitled “Dinner Guest that was very violent and packed a punch but just couldn’t be translated into a feature without watering it down. I held onto it for a while until I saw a craigslist posting for horror features and shorts. I ...

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