Fim Review: Wasted Night (short film) (2014)


REVIEW: This is another great little film by the talented young director, Joseph Catté. I had the honour of reviewing another one of his (‘Like A Doll’) earlier on this year and his follow up certainly does not disappoint. He uses the same light-hearted approach to make Wasted Night, in which he manages to get the balance of being quirky and sinister just right – something which isn’t easy to achieve. Despite exploring some potentially … Continue reading

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Film Review: Like a Doll (short film) (2014)


SYNOPSIS: 2014 French short horror film directed by Joseph Catté REVIEW: I’ve long believed that the French make some of the most f*cked up horror movies ever released (how about Baise Moi, Irreversible, Inside, Martyrs, In My Skin – to name just a few!) and Like a Doll – despite being only 5 minutes long – seems to fall comfortably into this idea as well. The story itself is told with subtlety and much is left … Continue reading