Film Review: Berserker (1987)


SYNOPSIS: A group of friends go camping out in the woods only to be stalked by some loon running around in a bear skin. REVIEW: I don’t know about anyone else who watched this movie, but the entire time I was sitting through it I kept thinking about Silent Bob’s Russian cousin from Clerks singing his song called Berserker. I had never even heard of this film before I saw it (which is a bit … Continue reading

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Film Review: House of Lost Souls (1989)


SYNOPSIS: A four-part movie series made for Italian television under the umbrella title House of Doom. Legendary Italian horror maestros Umberto Lenzi and Lucio Fulci each contributed two films for the series: Lenzi made HOUSE OF LOST SOULS and HOUSE OF WITCHCRAFT, while Fulci offered HOUSE OF CLOCKS and SWEET HOUSE OF HORRORS. REVIEW: Director: Umberto Lenzi Starring: Joseph Alan Johnson, Stefania Orsola Garello and Matteo Gazzolo There are two questions that need to be … Continue reading

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