Film Review: The Sacred (2009)


SYNOPSIS: A group of students travel to a remote and sacred Native American patch of land, in order to complete a thesis on Native American Folklore. This distant swamp area was used hundreds of years ago to judge and to punish murderous criminals. The land itself has magical powers, making it possible for the dead to come back and punish the guilty. Sins can come back and kill you. REVIEW: See the trailer for “The … Continue reading


Film Review: Second Coming (2008)


SYNOPSIS: As children Lora always felt like she had to take care of her twin sister Ashley. At all costs she made sure that her sister was alright. Now something is wrong, images of Ashley as a ghost keep appearing to Lora asking her for help. REVIEW: Directed by: Jose Zambrano Cassella Starring: Juliet Reeves, Greg Thompson, Haley Boyle, Annie Maleski “Revenge can be deadly!” Second Coming is an interesting low budget shocker. The film … Continue reading

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