Film Review: Wyke Wreake (2013)


SYNOPSIS: Concerned about her sister Kate’s safety and sanity after the loss of her child, Bec and her boyfriend enter her sister’s house and find themselves trapped in her personal Hell. They discover her locked in a room performing séances reaching out to a mysterious “visitor” through a Ouija board. Unable to escape his grasp, the spirit draws them deeper into his dark, disturbing world of madness that involves Wyke Wreake (an Old English name … Continue reading

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Film Review: Where the Dogs Divide Her (2011)


SYNOPSIS: Everard Fletcher finds himself lost in his nightmares trying unravel a mystery displaced in the fabric of time. Encountering haunted visions, hidden memories and his own deceased father, Everard slowly uncovers the truth behind his mother’s death shortly after his birth. REVIEW: