Jolly Rogue Studios is walking on Cloud Nine

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Earlier this year, acclaimed comic book creator Everett Soares announced he was taking over the publishing duties for his ongoing fantasy steampunk series after a three-year partnership with Connecticut-based publisher Free Lunch Comics. Since that transition, Soares is excited to now announce the recent acquisition of rights to republish Sky Pirates of Valendor Volume One under the newly established Jolly Rogue Studios. Sky Pirates of Valendor Volume One first launched in February 2008 and the … Continue reading

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Jolly Rogue Studios – Everett Soares expands with new team

January 14, 2011: With the recent decision to self-publish Sky Pirates of Valendor, creator and publisher of Jolly Rogue Studios Everett Soares has decided to share his lessons learned and possibly even lessen the burden of being a creator by offering up the talents of his most trusted team. In this endeavor, Soares has partnered with those in the industry who have helped him, trusted him and created with him to establish a one-stop shop … Continue reading