Film Review: Audrey Rose (1977)


SYNOPSIS: A man enters the lives of a married couple and tries to convince them that their daughter is actually the reincarnation of his own daughter who died in a car accident years prior. REVIEW: Directed by Robert Wise (The Sound of Music, Star Trek: The Motion Picture) brings to life the story of Audrey Rose. Based on the novel by Frank de Felitta (who also did the screenplay) our journey begins with viewing the … Continue reading

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Film Review: Sleeper (1973)

Sleeper DVD

SYNOPSIS: “Health food store owner and wannabe jazz clarinetist Miles Monroe is involuntarily cryogenically frozen in 1973 after a mishap while in minor surgery. His still frozen body is found in 2173, and unfrozen by scientists Melik and Orva. In unfreezing Miles, the doctors have committed an illegal act in what is now a totalitarian police state, where records of the past have been destroyed and the resulting history unknown. The society is filled primarily … Continue reading

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