Film Review: Alison’s Birthday (1981)


SYNOPSIS: A young girl is subjected to a reign of terror so that her soul can be transferred to the body of an old crone. REVIEW: It’s funny how birthdays morph into just another day as a person ages. In childhood, birthdays are anticipated, a sign of development and growth. There are milestones – terrible twos, sweet sixteen, drinking at 21. And yet as children progress into adulthood the excitement of aging fades into a … Continue reading

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Film Review: Mad Max (1979)

Mad Max bluray box[1]

SYNOPSIS: “A vision of an apocalyptic future set in the wastelands of Australia. Total social decay is just around the corner in this spectacular cheap budget gang orientated road movie. Where the cops do their best to lay down the law and the outlaw gangs try their hardest to defy the system. Leather-clad Max Rockatansky – husband, father and cop turns judge, juror and executioner after his best friend, wife and baby are killed. Here … Continue reading