Filmmaker Jim Haggerty launches the First Annual Yellow Ape Film Festival in July.


On July 31st, filmmaker Jim Haggerty will host the first annual Yellow Ape Film Festival. It will be a festival of short films held in Long Island, NY at the prestigious art-house theater Cinema Arts Centre presided over by a panel of celebrity judges including legendary cult movie actress Beverly Bonner (BASKET CASE), writer and scream queen Suzi Lorraine (WHEN DEATH CALLS), and renowned Long Island filmmakers Glenn Andreiev (VAMPIRE’S EMBRACE) and Keith Crocker (BLITZKRIEG: … Continue reading

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Film Review: Grave Danger (2008)


SYNOPSIS: A woman is terrorized by a psychotic caller who terrorizes her with terrifying tales of murderous ventriloquist dummies, possessed housewives, and watching strangers. But will she live to tell the tales? REVIEW: “Jim Haggerty’s Grave Danger” is an exercise in the do-it-yourself school of low budget filmmaking. What it lacks in originality, it makes up for in fun and silliness. This film has a bit of everything, senseless violence, wooden dummy acting, a wooden … Continue reading

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