Film Review: Anniversary Dinner (film short) (2012)


SYNOPSIS: A survivor of the zombie apocalypse is about to discover that ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ was just the beginning. REVIEW: Fred has a problem. His wife Leigh is a zombie due to the fatal viral outbreak and he just can’t part with her. It’s their anniversary, and like a good husband Fred has prepared a nice candle light feast. Her portions may consist of bguts and intestinal bits, but none-the-less it a time … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Big Bad (2011)


SYNOPSIS: As a broken woman obsessed with revenge desperately searches for the monster who destroyed her family, she unexpectedly finds herself in a surreal and frightening world. REVIEW: Frankie Ducane (Jessi Gotta) has an agenda. As she stakes out a bar looking for answers to a missing person she comes across a junkie named Molly (Jessica Savage). The seedy bar which seems to cater to the dregs of the city provides the perfect setting for … Continue reading

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