SEE NO EVIL 2 Is A Go And You’ll Never Guess Who’s Directing


Remember SEE NO EVIL, the KANE vehicle that came out 7 years ago, yeah it’s been 7 years. Jeez. News broke today that WWE and Lionsgate have green lit the long past due sequel and KANE will be reprising his role of the menacing Jacob Goodnight the axe wielding lunatic who loves to kill. The big news here is who they have chosen to direct. The Soska Sisters will helm this sequel and that my … Continue reading

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Interview: Directors Jen and Sylvia Soska Part 2 (American Mary)


Interview: Directors Jen & Sylvia Soska Part 2 (American Mary) The Black Saint can be such a klutz sometimes! The tape recorder that I used to record my interview with the fabulous Soska twins, Jen and Sylvia, had mysteriously vanished before I could completely document our entire discussion. I held out as long as I could but I had to eventually submit the interview incomplete but today the little vanishing micro recorder suddenly turned up … Continue reading

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Interview: Directors Jen and Sylvia Soska (American Mary)


Jen and Sylvia Soska are twin sisters who kick all kinds of cinematic ass! Having been involved in acting since they were kids they have been in the film business for a long time and after having funding pulled from a film project that they were working on while in film school they simply forged ahead and finished it on their own with their own money. The resulting short film got them a lot of … Continue reading

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