Film Review: Werewolf in a Women’s Prison (2006)


SYNOPSIS: Set in the fictional third world country of Canpuna, ‘Werewolf in a Women’s Prison’ is the story of Sarah (Victoria De Mare), when camping with her boyfriend, is attacked by a werewolf. She wakes up in a corrupt prison only to find out her boyfriend has been torn apart and she is the only suspect. Forced to do things only found in a prison populated only by women it’s only a matter of time … Continue reading

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‘Rat Scratch Fever’ – anyone? Trailer and a big fat rat

Brought back from a doomed space mission, an army of giant rats develop a big appetite for Los Angeles residents.

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Film Review: Hell’s Highway (2002)


SYNOPSIS: A group of four college students from Pennsylvania head to Redondo Beach, CA on a road trip to do what college kids do best: drink their livers into oblivion. Along the way, on a stretch of road in Death Valley known as the Devil’s Freeway, they pick up the young, attractive hitchhiker Lucinda, whose idea of a good time is far different than that of the unsuspecting travelers. REVIEW: I remember when I was … Continue reading

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