Film Review: Beyond Dream’s Door (1989)


SYNOPSIS: A university student suffers lethal nightmares and must learn the secrets beyond dream’s door to survive. REVIEW: Director and Writer: Jay Woelfel Stars: Nick Baldasare, Jorge Aguirre, Dianna Ashton Uni student Ben Dobbs is having horrific dreams involving a giant foam monster, a dude with hooks for hands and a lady who likes to show her breasts every chance she can. Ben writes his weird nightmares down and shares them with his psych professor … Continue reading

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Interview: Jay Woelfel (Season of Darkness)


Exclusive Interview: Jay Woelfel (Season of Darkness) Where did the concept for Season of Darkness come from? I saw the film THE BOSTON STRANGLER, which I still think is among the best serial killer films ever made. Then I read Gerald Frank’s book that it was based on and at one point Albert De Salvo/ The Strangler reads or hears about THE BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ and decides to try to make something of his … Continue reading

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Interview: Jay Woelfel (Closed for the Season)

Closed For The Season 2010[1]

How did you get into filmmaking? One winter in Ohio it was so cold for so long that me and a friend decided to use my Dad’s old 8mm – not even super 8 – camera to do a Star Trek parody stop motion animation film. Turned out the camera was half broken, but I guess the results weren’t so bad that it scared either of us away. My friend has been a news cameraman … Continue reading

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Film Review: Closed for the Season (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Set almost entirely within an an abandoned amusement park in Chippewa Lake, Ohio, Closed for the Season has a young woman (Kristy – Aimme Brooks) awaken to find herself trapped in the park grounds. Confused, disoriented and afraid, she encounters a terrifying carnival barker (Joe Unger) who bombards her with visions of death and terror from both the past and the future. She soon finds she is not alone when she encounters James (Damian … Continue reading

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