Film Review: Blood Was Everywhere (2011)


SYNOPSIS: A small Massachusetts town is terrorised by a series of random murders. REVIEW: I understand that this movie was original intended to be a reworking of horror classic FRIDAY THE 13TH but when an official remake was announced writer-director Jason Torrey had to change his plans. Happily for him, I reckon we’ve ended up with a better film as a result. The reason I say that is because the last thing the world needs … Continue reading

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A look at Jason Torrey’s slasher film ‘Blood Was Everywhere’


Sun In 10 Productions is proud to announce that the official trailer for the independent horror film BLOOD WAS EVERYWHERE is now available online for viewing. The trailer comes just in time for Halloween and the film’s November 5 premiere. It can be viewed on YouTube. Please consider embedding the video on your website. If you choose to do so, feel free to send us a link and we will post it on our social … Continue reading

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