Book Review: Dead Klowns – Author Jarrod L. Dodson


Having read Jarrod L. Dodson’s Terrorklowns, I knew what to expect when I was reading his latest graphic novel release Dead Klowns. Total anarchy in Klown form. Only these Klowns are dead, as in zombified and hungry for human flesh. Whether you love or hate the sight of killer klowns, you’re going to fear them even more in this graphic novel featuring the likeness of Brian Vollmer of the rock band Helix. This graphic novel … Continue reading

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Book Review: TerrorKlowns – The Dark Stories – Author Jarrod L. Dodson


TERRORKLOWNS: THE DARK STORIES So here we are again. Another review. This time it is for an anthology titled Terrorklowns: The Dark Stories. What can I say about this? The book is badass. The stories themselves are more than entertaining. Not just f*cked up in a good way, but really good. Jarrod L. Dodson wrote each story featured within this one-shot. It shows how passionate he is about the genre. The artwork is disturbing. Anything … Continue reading

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