Film Review: I am Virgin (2010)


SYNOPSIS: One lonely man, six billion sex-crazed vampires. Be careful what you wish for! REVIEW: I am Virgin, directed by Sean Skelding is recent film marketed as a horror comedy sort of spoof on the “I am Legend” concept. The time is is the future when all that is left is a population of sex starved vampires….6 billion to be exact. Strangely enough though is in this film they don’t do much vampiring with every … Continue reading

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Film Review: Stripperland (2011)


SYNOPSIS: In this parody of “Zombieland,” we follow a group of survivors trying to stay alive after the zombie apocalypse takes place. These zombies are a little different though, as they are all female strippers who enjoy tearing people apart and devouring them (when they’re not busy dancing to Hip Hop music and trying to earn tips). Zombies have never looked so good. REVIEW: Film parodies can either be very good or very bad. There … Continue reading

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