Film Review: Match Dead (aka The Abducted) (2009)


SYNOPSIS: A voyeuristic view into a few days in the life of a serial killer named Ridley. Ridley likes to find most of his victims using internet websites, when that doesn’t work there is always random people driving by. Wait until he gets a load of the one his website has hooked up with this time though, maybe those websites out there really do find your perfect match. REVIEW: Directed by: Jon Bonnell Starring: James … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Abducted (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Velora is abducted by Ridley, a crazy dude who is adept with a sniper rifle. Will she escape before he tires of her and kills her? REVIEW: Directed by Jon Bennell Starring: James Ray, Kathleen Benner, Michael Harrelson Professional sports organizations have sources from which they farm new talent, talent that excels among an otherwise mediocre selection of athletes. The NFL has college football. The NBA has college basketball, sometimes even high school. MLB … Continue reading

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