IN THE DARK DVD T-shirt Opportunity


IN THE DARK DVD Arrives at Family Video… WIN a FREE shirt! Check out the trailer and poster for the new feature film “In The Dark”, written and directed by Chris St. Croix and David Buchert. The horror/thriller is available on DVD exclusively at Family Video stores. Further distribution through Family Video will depend on how well the film rents in the selected stores over the next month. The more rentals, the more stores will … Continue reading

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Film Review: In the Dark (2013)


SYNOPSIS: After an accident, a woman hires a caretaker to help her adjust to life as a blind woman. Before long, she is embroiled in a fight for her life. Will she learn to protect herself using her only remaining senses in time to save her life? REVIEW: Allie Leer, played by Elisabeth Rohm, is having a fairly swell evening at the beginning of “In the Dark”. An already successful visual artist, her latest exhibit … Continue reading

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The Birthday Massacre – In the Dark

“In the Dark” Here is the new single from the album Pins and Needles.  The Birthday Massacre offers not only the perfect band name for the horror fan but also some definite horror theme in their music video.  The music reminds me a bit of Evanescense.  The video has a very J Horror influence, much like The Ring.

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