Book Review: Planetary Transformation – Author Imre Vallyon


PLANETARY TRANSFORMATION: A PERSONAL GUIDE TO EMBRACING PLANETARY CHANGE We are approaching not only a new age but a paradigm shift of mass proportions. It might be the most active time in our history for new age writers to emerge and inform us of coming changes. And yet, within all of that is a weird mixture of enlightening vs darkness. It’s hard to really know who is informed and who is just speculating. Of course … Continue reading

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Cosmic Forces press forward with ‘Planetary Transformation’


Cosmic Forces Press Upon Humanity Our Opportunity for Unimaginable Transformation Internationally known author and spiritual master, Imre Vallyon has just released his newest book, Planetary Transformation, containing path-breaking material about the nature and purpose of our existence, and the precipice humanity approaches. While many have written about the changes to come, Vallyon offers new explanations about the cosmic forces behind the dramatic events predicted to unfold for planet Earth and its inhabitants up to and … Continue reading

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