Interview: Don Sumner / Author ‘Horror Movie Freak’


 Exclusive Horrornews Interview : Don Sumner Book : Horror Movie Freak So, what is a Horror Movie Freak? A Horror Movie Freak is a passionate horror movie fan. There are degrees, though, of horror freak ranging from the super-dedicated fan who knows every director, release date, indie film and actor with posters and memorabilia all over the place – to those who just love horror movies and will always choose them over the ultimate evil: … Continue reading

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Book Review: Horror Movie Freak – Author Don Summer


Well it was about due time for a new horror genre book to cross my table as its been a bit of a dry spell. Of course that means that books on the market then fail to acknowledge some of the newer films into their releases. Hence comes along “Horror Movie Freak” chock full of wisdom, reviews and best of all “lots” of pictures. That’s right, we horror viewers will sit and read thru reviews … Continue reading