Magazine Review: The Dark Side – Issue 155

The Dark Side Magazine Issue 155 Editor: Alan Bryce Ghoulish Publishing The Dark Side’s lengthy series of enormous features on elements of classic UK horror continues with an issue largely devoted to the classic TV horror double bills that were so influential to a lot of fans. It’s billed as the biggest issue of the magazine ever, which isn’t strictly true as the extra chunk of pages in the middle of the issue are taken … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Lunchmeat – Issue 7


Magazine review: LunchMeat Issue 7 Editor in Chief: Josh Schafer (Independent Publication) You know, sometimes the passion and excitement for a subject can really reinvigorate your own. When you find material by someone who really understands what makes certain fans tick, it’s impossible not to get caught up in it. Lunchmeat magazine is just such a publication. Lunchmeat is as close to perfect as it’s possible for a zine to get. Professionally designed and printed … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: The Dark Side – Issue 152

Dark Side 152

THE DARK SIDE ISSUE 152 GHOULISH PUBLISHING EDITOR: ALLAN BRYCE Each successive issue of The Dark Side is seeing the magazine go from strength to strength. The title is showing up in more retailers than ever in its history, and that’s a testament both to the hard work of editor Allan Bryce and the extremely high standard of the content. Continuing the magazine’s run of themed issues, issue 152 is largely all about revisiting the … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Dark Side Magazine – Issue 150

Dark Side 150

THE DARK SIDE – ISSUE 150 Editor: Allan Bryce Ghoulish Publishing The series of ‘Special’ issues that The Dark Side is currently going through, with each issue largely dedicated to one major subject, is paying dividends for both the reader and the magazine itself. This latest issue is an AMICUS special, and is every bit as in-depth as the previous specials (and works very well as a follow-up to their earlier Hammer special issue). The … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: The Darkside Magazine – Issue 144


THE DARK SIDE – ISSUE 144 Ghoulish Publishing Editor- Allan Bryce Being able to pick up new issues of The Dark Side is still an exciting prospect for me. The magazine’s return to publication and return to mainstream outlets has pleased me greatly, and thus it pleases me even more that the standard of the magazine continues to improve and grow. This latest issue is an essential purchase for any horror movie fan, possibly even … Continue reading

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