Film Review: Horno (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Life imitates art when several sex crazed, flesh eating zombies, crash a film shoot about a zombie outbreak spread by sodomy. REVIEW: Written & Directed by: Terrance Williams Starring: Carlos Javier Castillo, Oceana Christopher, Jesselyn Desmond QUICK FIX: Ron is a director of p*rn movies (hey, got my attention already) who has grown tired of the same old story, the same old sodomy and dance, of directing regular p*rn. I guess even people driven … Continue reading

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“Horno” coming to DVD on Oct 19th


SRS Cinema To Release “Horno” on DVD – Oct 19 Is it horror? Is it p*rn? No, it’s HORNO! SRS Cinema and MVD Visual will release Horno for North American DVD distribution on October 19. Ron is a p*rn director with a little more vision than talent, not that he has much of either. He aspires to greatness, but never quite achieves it – that is until he comes up with the idea he’s sure … Continue reading

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