Film Review: Godzilla 2000 (1999)


SYNOPSIS: Scientists discover an underwater UFO which has invaded Earth to get a hold of Godzilla’s regenerative powers. Godzilla enters into an urban battle against the UFO, and in the midst of it, the ship uses the monster’s regenerative powers to morph into Orga, a brand new beast. REVIEW: GODZILLA 2000 happened because Godzilla had been en vogue for over forty years—and still is. It’s one reboot among many . . . THE RETURN OF … Continue reading

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Film Review: Suicide Song (2007)


SYNOPSIS: A thriller centered on an urban legend about a song that fatally affects its listeners. REVIEW: Things I would rather do than watch SUICIDE SONG again: Clean the toilet at headquarters. Give Edith Massey a hot oil rub down, Be the star of a Al Quaeda beheading video, get married to Lindsey Lohan, write a 650 word essay about SUICDE SONG. I think I like the idea of SUICIDE SONG better than I … Continue reading

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