Film Review: Ostermontag (1991)


SYNOPSIS: Heiko has fallen in love with his stepsister Fabiane who rejects him and lets her twin sister Nicole replace her. One day he plans to kill Nicole in order to end the recuring mix-ups. Unfortunately he catches Fabiane instead of Nicole and is sent to a mental hospital for the rest of his life. Years later he manages to escape his prison and seeks bloody revenge on Nicole who he blames for the loss … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Coma-Brutal Duel (Das komabrutale Duell) (1999)


SYNOPSIS: When a man is killed by a drunk driver, his son vows vicious vengeance. He hires the Eightlets Mafia to kill the director and his family. With Heiko beaten to a pulp and his parents brutally murdered, it looks as though our tale will have a quick resolution. Not so: Heiko awakens from his coma and the vendetta continues where it left off. REVIEW: I’ll be honest: I’ve written that synopsis, but I saw … Continue reading

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