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Film Review: Rogue (2008)

SYNOPSIS: When feuding brothers David (Andy Serkis) and Peter (Reece Shearsmith) abduct a young woman (Jennifer Ellison) and hole up in a remote rural cottage, their hostage quickly turns the tables on her captors. But soon, it’s all for one when they find that the deranged farmer next door is the real threat. Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley makes a cameo in …

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Film Review: Wolf Creek 2 (2013)

SYNOPSIS: The outback once more becomes a place of horror as another unwitting tourist becomes the prey for crazed, serial-killing pig-shooter Mick Taylor. REVIEW: Back in 2005, director Greg McLean told us the story of Mick Taylor and his predilection for slaughtering tourists who happened to wander near his home in Wolf Creek. The first film was a taut, nerve …

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Wolf Creek Director Greg Mclean presents Dark Axis – Behind the Scenes Clip

Horror director Greg Mclean (Wolf Creek & Rogue) has released a detailed insight into the creation of his new comic book series: Dark Axis – Rise of the Overmen. Dark Axis, is the first title from Mclean’s new publishing venture Diezel Punk, and is a four part comic series described as a mash up of “Saving Private Ryan meets Evil …

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