Horror on Google+ Slow to Start, Shows Potential

As with any new idea, the arena of social driven horror content is off to a slow start on the new Google+ platform. Sites have begun to secure their spots but not yet to an overwhelming degree. Google+ actually began to open its arena on Sept 20 after 12 weeks of prior and selective beta testing. Reluctance seems to be due to a couple of reasons. One, the lack of support for RSS importing into … Continue reading

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HorrorNews.net says Google+ and Get on Board!


If you’ve been on vacation for the last 2 weeks, you’ll want to seriously consider grabbing your Google+ Business Page. Usually I don’t use this site for social media advice, but I see enough relevance to warrant some movement in the Horror community. First the basics: 1- create a personal profile THEN 2- create a Business page (if applicable) You’ll have to follow in that order, don’t use your personal profile as your business page … Continue reading

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