KIM FOWLEY To Donate His Corpse to Girls and Corpses Magazine


Back in 2012, Kim Fowley (record producing prodigy of “The Runaways”), and a massive fan of Girls and Corpses Magazine, who had attended and hosted dozens of events for the newsstand magazine, decided what he wanted to do after he died. He wished to, “Have his freshly dead body photographed for the cover of Girls and Corpses Magazine with a couple hot fetish models.” The photoshoot was planned to take place upon his death and … Continue reading

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Girls and Corpses and TomCat Films Form New Horror Label

Girls and Corpses Magazine has entered into a partnership with TomCat Films to release a slate of original indie horror films. “Girls and Corpses Presents” will be displayed at the front of films approved for release and sanctioned as meeting the high standards of the worldwide newsstand magazine phenomenon, Girls and Corpses, founded by Robert “Corpsy” Rhine. Following the labels created by Fangoria and, Girls and Corpses Presents will release four acquisitions a year … Continue reading

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Senseless Censorship Hits The Horror Genre Again


When The Pot Calls The Kettle TOO BLACK: Senseless Censorship Hits The Horror Genre Again We all have heard the stories and even some of us have experienced discrimination based on our involvement or love of the horror industry; but when it happens to a written publication and comes from hypocritical entities that reproduce content on the same lines as what they are trying to censor, well it’s time to call them out. I had … Continue reading

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Girls and Corpses Magazine’s Mummy Issue Ignited Riots In Egypt


NEWS FLASH: 7:25 p.m. First photos in from Cairo showing the riots over Girls and Corpses Magazine. (Note the protester indicating he wants 2 copies or they will never stop fighting!) NEWS FLASH: 3:43. p.m.. The U.S. military is planning an air drop of one million copies of Girls and Corpses Magazine over Cairo. The Egyptian mummy edition will be dropped today at 5:00 p.m. to stop the rioting. Obama will be making a statement … Continue reading

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The NEW Fall issue of Girls and Corpses has risen! Covergirl Andy San Dimas!


It’s ALIVE!… … The new Mummy issue of Girls and Corpses Magazine…and just in time for Hell-o-ween! Preview now here: / Our Vol 4 Fall/Winter Egyptian Mummy issue features: Gorgeous cover model ANDY SAN DIMAS as Queen Necrophiti; interviews with the 3 amazing bands, 69Eyes, THE MURDERDOLLS and HERE COME THE MUMMIES; Horror producer CHARLES BAND/FULL MOON STUDIOS (Puppetmaster) with actress Robin Sydney; Croak-Kay; Interview with VAMPIRA (star of Planet 9 From Outer Space); Mummification … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Girls and Corpses Magazine – Issue 3


by Robert Steven Rhine Published by G&C Magazine Publication Date: 2007 Format: Color – 78 pages Price: $8.95 I guarantee you’ve never seen a magazine like Girls and Corpses! Under the wing of editor Robert Steven Rhine, he has brought to you a unique blend of hot ladies, dead bodies, comedy, cartoons, interviews, and a while mess of crazy sh*t! Since we will be reviewing several of these issues, I thought it necessary to give … Continue reading

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GIRLS and CORPSES MAGAZINE – Summer Alien Autopsy issue Signing and Event

watch our brand new kick AZZ music video from The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns titled “Bodies In My Basement”: mark your calendars for our party next weekend on Friday August 20th below:

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