Specs and Trailer for DVD/Blu-ray release of SCREAM 4!

Yesterday I showed you all the cover art for the upcoming Oct. 4th DVD/Blu-ray release of SCREAM 4 and I told you that more would be coming, well it didn’t take long. Tonight the specs and a trailer showed up in my inbox. Special feature wise, pretty typical stuff A Making of SCREAM 4 feature Alternate Opening Extended Ending Gag Reel Deleted and Extended Scenes And here’s the trailer:

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Anchor Bay will be bringing us the SCREAM 4 DVD which is kind of strange since LIONSGATE just gave us the Blu-rays of the first three but so goes the wacky world of DVD distribution. Anchor Bay always does a nice job on their discs so no problem there, it just greatly complicates ever putting out all the films as on package but I guess that’s only a problem if you give a crap. Anyway, … Continue reading

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A new clip and a new still from SCREAM 4


Less then a week to go and the PR machine rolls along. Will all the hype lead to anything worth talking about? I’ll let you know soon, going to a press screening on Tuesday and actually am looking forward to it. SCREAM 4 of course opens for all on April 15th and I think it’s pretty much a clinch it will pull big numbers at the box office. Tonight I’ve got a new short clip … Continue reading

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A new SCREAM 4 clip throws a body at ya!

It is hard for me to believe that SCREAM 4 opens next weekend! Seems like just yesterday I was reporting the rumor that Craven was coming on board for another installment and here we set only one short week away from seeing what Wes and company have come up with. The press machine has really been churning out the stuff these last few weeks and tonight brings us a new clip that shows us a … Continue reading

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Scream 4 – Get your Ghostface mask


There has been tons of pub from everywhere as we move closer to the release of Scream 4.   Why should the Halloween custome market be any different.   A Ghostface mask seems like a good idea.

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‘Scream 4′ Shows Off Several New Clips and TV Spots

If you’re excited about seeing Wes Craven’s fourth installment in the SCREAM franchise, then you’ll be even more excited to watch all these new clips that have been released. There’s only a few more weeks left until we get the opportunity to watch Sheriff Dewey (David Arquette), Gale Weathers (who’s now married to Sheriff Dewey and played by Courtney Cox), and Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), and the infamous Ghostface on the big screen after their … Continue reading

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New SCREAM 4 Pic – Who’s that hanging from the ceiling?


If any of you out there were still worrying if SCREAM 4 was going to have any blood, I’ve got your answer: Yep, sure looks like it. Not sure who that unlucky person hanging from the ceiling is but in just a few short weeks, we’re all going to find out. April 15th just in case you forgot, that’s opening day for this one and here’s some quick notes what it’s all about: Sidney Prescott, … Continue reading

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SCREAM 4 Website Launches


With a little less then 6 weeks to go Dimension has finally gotten the official website for SCREAM 4 up and running. It’s was worth the wait though. When you visit you will be prompted to sign in via your FACEBOOK account which opens up some pretty cool features. Once your in the site click on the victims link and you see lots of you facebook friends tiled in the background, click around and explore. … Continue reading

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Craven Discusses Why He’s Back In Michigan


When ever you hear a film is back doing re shoots, especially after a test screening and especially close to its release date you always think the worst but director Wes Craven says that’s not the case with his return to Michigan to add a little more to SCREAM 4.¬† He explains to Entertainment Weekly: “They’re not reshoots,” Craven tells the magazine. “We had a couple test screenings and we saw two scenes where they … Continue reading

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