Film Review: Malignant (2013)


SYNOPSIS: A grieving alcoholic falls prey to a mad scientist’s experimental—and maniacal—treatment. REVIEW: Alex (Gary Cairns) had a wonderful wife. He lost her to cancer, though, and has become hopelessly depressed. He’s turned to drinking, and finds himself blacked out drunk most nights of the week. One night, while at his favorite bar, he gets a text message from an unknown number that reads: “Don’t drink it.” He doesn’t pay it much heed, continuing to … Continue reading

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Film Review: Mad World (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Four troubled teens, with nothing to do in their empty lives and no one to turn to for guidance, are tormented by all facets of society, including their parents and teachers, forcing them to become men much faster then the world is ready for. The result – destruction. REVIEW: You can always sense a great film right from the get go. If you’ve spent as much time as I have with cult movies and … Continue reading

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