Following THE FOLLOWING – Preview Of Episode 10 – GUILT

THE FOLLOWING is quickly becoming one of the best shows on TV. If you haven’t been watching, it’s time to catch it on VOD and get up to speed. Kevin Bacon is fantastic and James Purefoy seems to be finding his inner Hannibal Lector and has really cranked up the creepy as the incredibly twisted Joe Carol. This past weeks (which aired last night) was titled LOVE HURTS and was actually a very tight, really … Continue reading

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A LIttle Tease For The New Episode Of THE FOLLOWING

Instead of teasing THE WALKING DEAD, which you are all watching anyway I thought tonight I would throw you a bit of a curve and instead try to get you to focus your attention on FOX’s THE FOLLOWING. If you’re not yet following THE FOLLOWING now is the time to get off you ass and do so. Written by SCREAM scribe Kevin Williamson and starring Kevin Bacon this is one smart, fun, thrill ride that … Continue reading

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Will Daniel Radcliffe Join The Cast Of FRANKENSTEIN?


Seems like Daniel Radcliffe has a thing for horror. Hot on the heels of last years pretty excellent THE WOMAN IN BLACK it appears his next project may be with FOX where it is rumored he may be on board to play IGOR in their upcoming retelling of FRANKENSTEIN. Just conjecture at the moment but if reporting this stuff has taught me anything through the years it’s that a lot of time when you start … Continue reading

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Preview Next Weeks THE FOLLOWING With These Two New Clips


Are you following THE FOLLOWING? I am and I love it. I find it smart, unpredictable and actually quite ballsy for a network TV show. If you haven’t taken the time to check it out yet do yourself a favor and do so soon. It’s available on demand and we’re only 4 episodes in so not that hard to get caught up. I was lucky enough to get an advance look at the first four … Continue reading

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TV Review: The Following


Fox has long been a beacon of hope for horror fans when it comes to genre friendly shows, The X Files, Fringe, you get the picture. This month they take another stab at it (pun intended) with a way better than average serial killer tale called THE FOLLOWING. At it’s core it is very much like the Hannibal Lector films as we have Kevin Bacon starring as the retired FBI agent drug out of retirement … Continue reading

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An Extended Teaser for THE FOLLOWING

It was only like 12 hours ago when I posted up the story on THE FOLLOWING. A new FOX series heading our way in 2013 that is going to pit Kevin Bacon against a cult of serial killers. This evening FOX seen fit to send along a teaser trailer to further wet our appetites for what may lay ahead. Not only is this a teaser trailer but it’s an “EXTENDED” teaser trailer.

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Casting for AMERICAN HORROR STORY S2 begins to take shape


Over the course of the last 10 days or so the horror news sites have been abuzz with all kinds of gossip, rumors and downright guesses as to what is going on over at FOX with the casting for the second season of the hit AMERICAN HORROR STORY. We’ve gone from no one is returning to assumptions over which ones may. Today I’ve finally got the word for you. Some are returning but most are … Continue reading

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Lets take a peek at this weeks AMERICAN HORROR STORY

As I told you a few days ago the finale of AMERICAN HORROR STORY is fast approaching so if you haven’t yet given it a once over, get off you ass and check it out will ya! Check out the clip! To try and convince you FX has sent along a 2 minute or so clip that does a really good job of showing off just how creepy and cool this how is. AMERICAN HORROR … Continue reading

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It’s been a great year for horror TV. The best I can remember in a long time actually and one of the stand out show is of course AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Season one is fast reaching it’s pinnacle and word just dropped that the intended 2 hour blow out will now be just 90 minutes long instead. Blaming an intense turnaround from script to screen the producers promise that fans will still no be disappointed. … Continue reading

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