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Check out the preview for TNT’s new Alien invasion series FALLING SKIES

Alien invasion is hot right now. Sounds like a good time to launch a new weekly series, right? June 19th bring this Steven Spielberg produced tidbit to TNT. It’s called FALLING SKIES and stars Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood. It’s worth tuning in just to watch Moon strut her stuff…. Here’s what the story is: FALLING SKIES opens in the ...

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Aliens Make Contact in New FALLING SKIES Trailer

When the aliens came to town they arrived in really big ships, and we weren’t gonna attack them with the nuclear bombs ’cause they might’ve wanted to be friends. Told from a child’s perspective the new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s alien invasion series FALLING SKIES packs a wallop. Created by DreamWorks Television FALLING SKIES follows the same formula established by ...

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