Exhumed Films Motorcycle Double Feature


Upcoming Shows FINAL FRIDAY FILMS AT THE MAUSOLEUM A new monthly 16mm double-feature from Exhumed Films and Cinedelphia.com

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Rare Screening of Kill Bill – The Whole Bloody Affair


Exhumed Films presents Kill Bill – The Whole Bloody Affair (Cannes Cut): Tenth Anniversary Screening 2003 / 35mm / dir. Quentin Tarantino TWO SCREENINGS: Friday, June 21 at 8:00pm Saturday, June 22 at 8:00pm

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Watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 With Bill Moseley


Exhumed Films Presents: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, hosted by Bill Moseley! Wednesday, March 6, 2013 Doors at 7:30 pm, Show at 8:00pm – $10 International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 1986 / Dir. Tobe Hooper / 35mm The first of what would eventually become a string of sequels, remakes, and reboots of remakes, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 is by far the most entertaining follow-up to the 1974 horror classic. Original … Continue reading

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Exhumed Films – Summer Schedule 2012

Exhumed Films – Summer Schedule 2012

Next Show Audubon Auction House – Saturday June 23, 2012 Doors at 7:30pm, Trailers/Show at 8:00 $10 for the Double Feature Free Parking! Info and Directions here www.Auctionhouseshows.com Exhumed Films Presents -

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2011 Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-Thon Announced


SATURDAY, OCT. 29TH TO SUNDAY, OCT. 30th 2011: 24 HOUR HORROR-THON PART V To celebrate the joyous Halloween season, Exhumed Films proudly presents the fifth annual 24 Hour Horror-thon: a full 24 hour marathon of nonstop horror mayhem! We’ll start at noon on Saturday and go straight through until noon on Sunday. As always, the lineup of films is being kept secret–people who come to the show will only find out what the features are … Continue reading

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Theatrical Screening of all five Damn Dirty Ape movies


In July Exhumed Films Wants You to GO APE! Sunday, July 31 — Show starts at 11:00 am — Tickets: $20 Exhumed Films proudly presents one of the greatest sci-fi series of all time: all five PLANET OF THE APES films, together for one special screening! The 1968 original-starring Charlton Heston and written by “Twilight Zone” creator Rod Serling-changed the face of science-fiction forever, and spawned four sequels – as well as a live-action tv … Continue reading

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Interview: Dan Fraga ( Exhumed Films )


Exclusive Horrornews Interview – Dan Fraga: Exhumed Films – 12.05.08 MJ : How was Exhumed Films born? DF : It’s a bit of a long story, but here goes: Exhumed Films is comprised of four people: me, Joseph Gervasi, Harry Guerro, and Jesse Nelson. The four of us have been friends for quite some time. Harry, Jesse, and I went to high school together and actually all worked together at a video store in the … Continue reading

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Exhumed Films – Mischievous Monsters


Next Show Exhumed Films Presents: A Family Friendly Evening of Mischievous Monsters Friday, Dec 17th, 2010 Doors: 7:30 PM Show: 8 PM Admission: $10 Advance Tickets are Available Now for $11 Each Troll 2 (35mm / 1990 / Italy / Claudio Fragasso / Approx 95m) NILBOG!!! For those of you that come to the 24 hour fest every year, you know that there is always one film that is so crazy, so amazing, so inept, … Continue reading

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