Podcast: Horror News Radio – Eps 38


The Most Disappointing Genre Films of 2013. The past year contains far too many candidates for this unpleasant distinction from overblown, overwrought blockbusters, to head-scratching remakes, to painfully trite low-budget independent features. The Lone Ranger, Carrie and Night of the Naked Dead are just a few of the bombs of the past twelve months and you grue-crew brave the memories of those film to revisit them one last time before sending them off to Valhalla … Continue reading

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Interview: Chris Jericho ( Fozzy )

HorrorNews.net Exclusive Interview with Y2J Chris Jericho about his band FOZZY and wrestling for World Wrestling Entertainment, plus his love for horror movies.

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Music Video: Fozzy – Sandpaper


FOZZY – Sandpaper Featuring M Shadows (OFFICIAL VIDEO) is an homage to ‘Evil Dead’

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Podcast: Evolution of The Apocalypse – Eps 60

Evolution of the Apocalypse — Episode 60 “Saving The World One Podcast at a Time” This week on the show Mike,Matt,Kyle and Matt’s friend Chris joins the show! They try to talk booby traps and review the 2013 Evil Dead!

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Top 10 Latest Scariest Movies


With all the lists floating around, especially in the “scariest movies of all time” lists, I thought we were due for a “recent” scariest films list. If not for purely the sole purpose of driving a fewer new rentals where they might rightly be deserved to just siphoning thru all the mishmash to point out a few scary favorites. As sort of a ongoing “tuck in the back of your mind” exercise, I try and … Continue reading

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Evil Dead Featured at Universal Orlando & Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights

Evil Dead Comes to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights - HR

This fall, Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights will conjure unrelenting evil in elaborately themed haunted mazes based on this year’s box office hit, “Evil Dead.” Universal is joining forces with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to deliver an authentic experience that will immerse horror fans in the blockbuster remake of the cult classic. Producers Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell– creators of the original “Evil Dead” film – reunited to … Continue reading

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Trailer: Evil Dead (2013) Featurette – Trying Things Out


Trailer: Evil Dead (2013) Featurette – Trying Things Out Featurette Evil Dead (2013)”Trying Things Out”


Trailer: Evil Dead (2013) Featurette – A Grueling Shoot


Trailer: Evil Dead (2013) Feature – A Grueling Shoot New Featurette for Evil Dead (2013) – A Grueling Shoot

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Laughing Through the Scares: A Look At Horror Comedies


Horror comedies are hard to pull off. Despite some similarities in the genres, it’s difficult to find a balance between the screams and laughs. There are a variety of pathways from which to accomplish one, whether through reaction, satire or balls out craziness. However, the big question is how the classics in this subgenre accomplished it. A lot of it may have to do with the simple fact that the two genres really aren’t that … Continue reading


EVIL DEAD Gets Its Date With Blu-ray


All right all you Deadites, here’s the news you’ve been waiting for! The EVIL DEAD remake will be hitting home video on July 16th! IGN got the first word and according to the site, this is what we are in store for: Based on Raimi’s 1981 horror classic and directed by Fede Alvarez, Evil Dead centers on five young friends who turn a secluded cabin in the woods into a blood-splattered chamber of nightmares after … Continue reading

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Evil Dead (2013) Movie Poster (Version 05)


Evil Dead (2013) Movie Poster (Version 05)

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Trailer: Evil Dead (2013) TV Clip Now Playing


Trailer: Evil Dead (2013) TV Clip Now Playing TV Clip for Evil Dead (2013) “Now Playing”

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Podcast: The Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast – Eps 01


Two big events are happening this week: the release of Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead (2013) and the launch of the Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast! That’s right, your favorite horror website, HorrorNews.Net, now has its very own horror podcast. Co-hosts Doc Rotten, Dave Dreher, Santos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr. and Thomas Mariani join together to recap and review the sequel to the 1981 Sam Raimi classic, Evil Dead. The grue-crew discuss the merits of  the film, the … Continue reading


Film Review: Evil Dead (2013)


SYNOPSIS: Mia, a young woman struggling with sobriety, heads to a remote cabin with her brother and a group of friends, where the discovery of a Book of the Dead leads to danger and horror REVIEW: “Evil Dead” (2013), has probably been the most requested film from my staff to review this season. Most likely because the excitement for a really jarring remake has been long overdue. In fact, even with the remake-haters revving up … Continue reading


Evil Dead (2013) Wondercon Coverage


Evil Dead (2013) Wondercon Coverage Wondercon coverage clip form Iamrogue.com

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Trailer: Evil Dead (2013) TV Clip “Masterpiece”


Trailer: Evil Dead (2013) TV Clip “Masterpiece” Clip from the upcoming film Evil Dead (2013) “Masterpiece”

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