Book Review: Evidence of the Gods – Authors Erich von Daniken and Christian von Arnim

Evidence -of-The Gods-Book-Cover

I’ve had this book in my possession for quite a few weeks. Strangely I found myself indifferent on how I was going to review it. The book “Evidence of the Gods” is essentially a “picture book” by well known author Erich von Daniken. “Evidence of the Gods” is narrated by Daniken who comments in great detail in between the photo collectives included. To own the book and absorb its visual imagery can be quite the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Twilight of the Gods – Author Erich von Daniken


Author Erich von Daniken is one special writer. He takes the time to look into subjects and legends that many will dismiss by default, by religion or by just an ignorance of understanding. It’s books like his, that do not rest on its laurels so that it brings us one step closer to understanding the “big picture”. In essence,where and why we came to be. At great risk, these discoveries also present a threat to … Continue reading

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Book Review: History is Wrong – Author Erich Von Daniken


Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black / White – 224 pages Price: $17.99 What is it about secret texts that fascinate? Is it a clearer look into history, speculation on a world that existed before ours or just a means to an end about what it all means and the secret truth that scholars try and unveil while others cover up with speculation? Erich Von Daniken original author of the famed novel “Chariots of the Gods” … Continue reading

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