Interview: Elina Madison (Huff, Barracuda)


Exclusive Interview with Elina Madison Movies: Huff & Barracuda What are your best memories of watching horror movies from your childhood? some of the best memories I have are watching horror films with friends and family the later at night the better. It’s the suspense and build up to the kill. the music and then the blood and gore of course. everyone starts screaming and running around like crazy & I have to tell … Continue reading

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Film Review: Ding Dong Dead (2011)


SYNOPSIS: A gang of lovely young ladies known as the Ding Dong Ditchers terrorize a sleepy suburban town by ringing peoples’ doorbells and then running away. Crazed and pathetic loser Doug has just been fired from his job, so he decides to make a stand against the Ding Dong Ditchers in order to impress Claudia, who’s the attractive woman who lives right across the street. However, Doug’s initially minor dispute with the Ding Dong Ditchers … Continue reading

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Film Review: Corporate Cutthroat Massacre (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Brandi Babcock is the boss of a sales agency that is experiencing severe downsizing. She has just received word that she must fire two of her employees by the end of the day. The problem is that most all of the employees are good candidates for termination. Brandi has become a feared and tyrannical leader who no one likes. She orders everyone to stay after work to produce a report illustrating their worth at … Continue reading

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