Delirium Books to Host Live Event with Artist and Author Sandy DeLuca

DELIRIUM TO HOST LIVE ONLINE EVENT WITH AUTHOR SANDY DELUCA ON THURSDAY, MAY 10 AT 9 P.M. NORTH WEBSTER, INDIANA – APRIL 16, 2012—DarkFuse Publications will be hosting a live online event with author Sandy DeLuca on Thursday, May 10 from 9 to 10 p.m. The event is open to the public and all participants will receive a free, exclusive short story called DEATH MOON and will be entered to win a one-year subscription to … Continue reading

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Delirium Introduces ‘Kindle Book Club’ – 24 novellas under $3 each each

DELIRIUM INTRODUCES THE KINDLE BOOK CLUB: 24 NOVELLAS UNDER $3 EACH The Delirium Book Club is now available to all Kindle users at 42% off the cover price or less than $3 per book. And new members can join the club without paying a dime. Everyone knows someone with a Kindle these days—book club members who refer others to join the club will earn $24 per referral. Three referrals and an entire subscription is paid … Continue reading

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Horror On The Kindle: A New Frontier


The Amazon Kindle (and Kindle apps for Android and iOS devices) has really caught the imagination of a lot of readers around the world, and has given a lot of writers (myself included) a genuine chance to have their work seen by a potentially massive audience who otherwise may have missed out on them altogether. Horror on the Kindle is well represented by a wide variety of writers both new and established, and the possibilities … Continue reading

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