Unexplained Confidential: Horror Hosts


Gather around one and all, Plant yourself in front of the boob-tube for some of your favorite horror treasures. I used to love watching scary movies as a kid. Even better, I used to love it when someone hosted those movies and talked a bit about them and took you through each commercial breaks. Those were the times. Now, most people “gather round” the computer screen instead… and I guess that’s ok as long as … Continue reading

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Interview: Dr. Gangrene – Horror Host


Extra! Extra! Tingler Loose in Louisville! Horror Hosts are as well-loved these days as the monsters they present on television. Zacherley, the Cool Ghoul is my personal favorite but they do abound. One such character presents himself as Dr. Gangrene and runs amok periodically when he gets loose from the TV studio. The actor who gives the good Doctor voice is a native of Nashville, TN. I tracked him down on the internet when I … Continue reading

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