NIGHTMARE FACTORY – The KNB Documentary Is Coming To EPIX


If you’ve watched a movie in the last 25 years I guarantee you that you have seen some of the handiwork of the KNB FX group. Know particularly well in horror circles the company has also infiltrated every genre of film. The original company consisted of Robert Kurtzman, Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger, hence the KNB. Robert Kurtzman left the company a couple of years back but the company retained the KNB moniker. NIGHTMARE FACTORY … Continue reading

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Film Review: Hated: GG Allin & the Murder Junkies (1993)


SYNOPSIS: The sneering nihilism and excesses of the punk rock movement has led to it being hijacked by talentless bozos in spikes and leather. For many, being a punk is the perfect excuse to act like a total jeb end. Case in point: GG Allin. This documentary on one of the most infamous of all death rock icons has very little to offer the viewers beyond the sordid spectacle of Allin’s on-stage antics. He was … Continue reading

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STILL SCREAMNG locks a Blu-ray date


It’s only been a few months since all the huge hype over SCREAM 4 was ruling the horror sites and when it was I told you all about this new documentary by Ryan Turek who runs SHOCK TILL YOU DROP. Reported on it once and never heard anything else about it, till tonight. Word has dropped that the project will be heading to Blu-ray but with a bit of a catch. Seems that if you … Continue reading

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Trailer for upcoming Bio Channel Documentary on SCREAM


Have you heard? SCREAM 4 opens in 2 weeks. If you’re a horror fan and paying any attention at all there is no way you can’t know that Wes Craven and crew are back fro another round of fun in Woodsboro. SCREAM 4 opens April 15th and to help prime us all for the event the BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL will be airing a retrospective documentary on the franchise and it’s looking to be a winner.

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