Film Review: Do Not Disturb (2013)


SYNOPSIS: Holed up in a seedy hotel, Hollywood screenwriter Don Malek is writing about a bloodthirsty serial killer but he’s doing all of the research himself, by actually committing the murders! REVIEW: I’m just gonna come out and say it, “Do Not Disturb” is one of the oddest movies I’ve seen this year. A really strange amalgamation of a serial killer flick and a character drama that feels like it’s being made up as it … Continue reading

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Trailer: Do Not Disturb (2013)


Trailer: Do Not Disturb (2013) After his fiancee is brutally murdered, Don Malek sets out for revenge.

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Do Not Disturb – Treatment Notes on Future Paranormal Film


Do Not Disturb Treatment Notes While growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s, my mother often worked late at night, and I was left home alone in the care of my good pal HBO. Some of the best horror films of all time were produced during that timeframe including the works of John Carpenter, Wes Craven, George Romero and Sean Cunningham. And I saw them all. Maybe it’s just me, but other than … Continue reading

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