DieMonsterDie: The Mission Continues with October 21, 1976

I caught my first DieMonsterDie live show back on Halloween of 2009. I’d spoken with the band in their practice space a few days before the show while I was on assignment for a different writing gig I had at the time. However, this Halloween show was the first time I’d actually seen them live. Let me tell you, what I experienced was a grungy, dirty, stripped down show full of blood and monsters. Their … Continue reading


Making the Commitment to Horror – DieMonsterDie


If you’re like me, horror isn’t just in the kind of movies you like to watch. It’s in the type of clothes you like to wear; it’s in the books you like to read; it’s in the kind of activities you like to engage in; and it’s in the type of music you like to listen to.  Now, is the horror art and entertainment that I spend my time with always the greatest examples of … Continue reading

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