Film Review: Eyes of Fire (1983)


SYNOPSIS: A group of western pioneers wander into uncharted territory and set up camp for the night, unaware of the ghastly secrets that live in the trees. There’s a mysterious little girl whom knows the sinister world of the forest and horrible fate that settlers receive if they venture into the woods alone. But she if from another time. Closer to the spirits, the mysterious girl whom knows the secrets in the woods is the … Continue reading


Film Review: The First Power (1990)


SYNOPSIS: Detective Russell Logan (Lou Diamond Phillips) breathes a sigh of relief when the serial murderer the Pentagram Killer (Jeff Kober) is finally caught and executed. But it turns out the detective’s work is far from finished when he discovers that the killer has transferred his soul into another living body. With the help of a psychic (Tracy Griffith), Logan toils at the nearly impossible task of capturing a murderer with an ever-changing identity REVIEW: … Continue reading

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