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Unexplained Confidential: Do You Believe ?


Today, we ask the question… Do you believe?   We have asked this same question to a number of celebrities throughout different interviews conducted here at HorrorNews.net!  This is a collection of answers to the question, Do you believe in…. things like ghosts and ghouls and paranormal activity, and just those things that go bump in the night. Read everyone’s answer ...

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Interview: Deanna Meske (Elsa & Fred)

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Exclusive HorrorNews.net Interview:  Deanna Meske What is your earliest memory of watching horror movies from your childhood? OMG, I watched The Shining and had nightmares for years, that scared the crap out of me! Great movie! How did you get started acting? I always wanted to but I was a little shy, then one day I went in for an ...

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