ODD THOMAS Gets An Odd Release


Every now and then one of these films come along. It gets financed, shot, edited and then NOTHING! It sits there collecting dust for an extended period of time until eventually someone gets off their ass and picks the project up. ODD THOMAS is one of those films, kind of. Directed by Stephen Sommers and starring Anton Yelchin (that’s the dude that played Brewster in the Fright Night remake) this one has all the makings … Continue reading


IMAGE Entertainment Will Be Bringing ODD THOMAS To The US

The theatrical debut of Dean Koontz’s incredibly popular ODD THOMAS series has been on hold for awhile. The films been done, just kinda been hanging around waiting to see the light of day and it appears that day may soon be here. Got a press release tonight that IMAGE has picked the film up. Here’s the release: IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT SNATCHES ODD THOMAS $30 MILLION FILM BASED ON THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING NOVEL BY DEAN … Continue reading

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So Whatever Happened To ODD THOMAS? I’ve Got Your Answer


One of the most popular series of horror novels out there are Dean Koontz’s ODD THOMAS works. Forever ago it was reported that Stephen Sommers was helming a big budget adaptation of the popular series and then it just kind of vanished. Well, it turns out that major legal woes have been and continue to plague the project. THR got the scoop: The producers of Odd Thomas are suing several entities, alleging that they failed … Continue reading

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Book Review: From the Corner of His Eye – Author Dean Koontz


FROM THE CORNER OF HIS EYE By: Dean Koontz Bantam Publishing From The Corner Of His Eye is a collection of three tales and how each intertwines. Barty Lampion is a young boy who has lost his sight but acquired an unexplainable gift. Junior Cain is a ruthless serial killer, relentless in his insatiable need for blood. Angel is a young girl who is conceived out of rape. Dean Koontz’s epic 768 page novel is … Continue reading

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Book Review: Winter Moon – Author Dean Koontz


WINTER MOON 1994 By: Dean Koontz Berkley Publishing When Jack a Los Angeles police officer is injured in the line of duty despair falls upon the McGarvey family. While temporarily paralyzed there is little wife Heather and son Toby have to hold onto aside from hope and faith. Salvation is unveiled in the darkest hour in the form of a mysterious inheritance. The McGarvey family is the sole beneficiary of a Montana ranch and a … Continue reading

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Film Review: Demon Seed (1977)

Demon Seed poster 1

SYNOPSIS: “Scientist Alex Harris, doing research on artificial intelligence, is working on a special kind of computer. This computer grows more and more powerful and eventually rapes the scientist’s wife, Susan Harris.” (courtesy IMDB) REVIEW: Star Wars IV: A New Hope (1977) was really high fantasy, and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977) was more concerned with spirituality, but one 1977 science fiction film that deserves to be called science fiction is Demon Seed … Continue reading


Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Cast In Dean Koontz Novel, ‘Odd Thomas’


There is a place on the casting block for 50 Cent in the Stephen Sommers’ adaptation of the Dean Koontz bestseller Odd Thomas where AntonYelchin (Fright Night, Star Trek [new] plays a clairvoyant short-order cook who encounters a mysterious man with a link to dark forces. Jackson will play Shamus Cocobolo, a blind deejay who helps the titular hero uncover a Satanic plot. Other cast mates include Addison Timlin, Willem Dafoe, Patton Oswalt, Gugu Mbatha-Raw … Continue reading

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