New Poster for DEAD AWAKE


A new poster that looks vaguely familiar and possibly even reminiscent of another poster for a popular film franchise has popped up for DEAD AWAKE. DEAD AWAKE stars Nick Stahl (Carnivale, Sin City) as a funeral parlor employee trying to put the pieces of a 10-year-old mystery together. DEAD AWAKE also stars Rose McGowan and Amy Smart and will be released on dvd December 3, 2010. SYNOPSIS: “Dylan (Stahl), a young man working at a … Continue reading

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Exclusive new stills from ‘Dead Awake’

Just in ….new stills from the production of ‘”Dead Awake” ! Stars: Nick Stahl, Rose McGowan and Amy Smart Dylan, a young man working at a funeral parlor, is trying to unravel a mystery that shattered his life ten years earlier. After faking his own funeral to see who will show up, he befriends a mysterious street junkie and is reunited with an old love from his past. The lives of these three characters are … Continue reading

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In Dead Awake, people with sleep apnea- you know they have the inability to breathe suffer horrible consequences. And that’s all we get people. My fiancee has it and at night I’ll lay there listening to him breath and every once in awhile he’ll stop and when I get nervous enough I’ll bitch slap him and he’ll finally exhale. It’s pretty weird and scary at the same time. Well I wonder what exactly will be … Continue reading

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