Film Review: Dante’s Inferno (2007)


SYNOPSIS: After a night of debauchery, Dante (voiced by Dermot Mulroney) awakens in an unfamiliar part of town, where he encounters the Roman poet Virgil (James Cromwell) … who promptly leads the errant urbanite on a journey through a 21st-century version of hell. Director Sean Meredith interprets Dante Alighieri’s classic text with an intriguing blend of paper puppets and hand-drawn backdrops, resulting in a unique take on the centuries-old morality tale. REVIEW: Dante’s Inferno released … Continue reading

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Book Review: My Visit to Hell – Author Paul Thigpen


MY VISIT TO HELL (PAPERBACK) Author Paul Thigpen Published by Creation House Publication Date: 2007 Format: Black /White – 320 pages Price: $12.99 I have long been a fan of “Dante’s Inferno” masterpiece. As confusing as it can get, the core story is an epic film in the making. I have to say I’ve just read another book which I feel the same way about. Although it is clearly derived from “Inferno” it is its own … Continue reading

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Film Review: Dante’s Inferno (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Traveling beyond death to rescue his love, Beatrice, from evil Lucifer, Dante enters the nine circles of hell, battling the vicious demons and monsters he encounters in this spectacular animated retelling of Dante Alighieri’s classic morality tale. A companion to EA’s video game, the action-packed medieval journey features the voices of Mark Hamill, Victoria Tennant, Vanessa Branch and Graham McTavish. REVIEW:  The story of Dante’s Inferno is that is one well known in the … Continue reading

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